CUES Demo Equipment

CUES is the world's leading manufacturer of closed circuit television video (CCTV) inspection, rehabilitation, pipe profiling equipment and pipeline inspection/asset management software for sanitary and storm sewers, industrial process lines, and water lines. Legacy Equipment carries CUES MPlus+ and TruVue Video Transmission Systems (Information below).

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The CUES MPlus+ offers the most flexible and feature packed lateral and mini-mainline push system on the market. The MPlus+ modular design combines easy operation with its refined All-In-One set up with the flexibility of facilitating quick removal of the control unit to be used separately for off road or remote jobsites or to accommodate compact storage. The advanced MPlus+ system stands out by integrating all of the most sought after features into an easy to use and intuitive package. This lightweight system is manufactured for rugged reliability and designed to handle rigorous field use. The MPlus+ is the most versatile push system available in the market today.

FEATURES & Benefits

  • Full featured control unit offers Advanced Text Writing, Observation Coding, Digital Recording and more in a weather/water resistant enclosure.
  • The large 8.4" industrial grade Optically Bonded monitor offers the clearest picture in adverse conditions.
  • Multiple camera heads are available including self-leveling for 2" through 12" pipelines and an advanced Pan & Tilt camera head for 4" through 12" pipelines. Available with built-in sonde.
  • Extensive Video Titling includes multiple predefined and customizable screens for job documentation. Customized screens and operator data are retained in memory for efficient operation.
  • The Advanced Digital Recorder features recording and playback of video and screenshot picture images. The operation is fully integrated with easy to understand intuitive controls.
  • Operate the MPlus+ anywhere with either 110 AC mains power, 12VDC power or the advanced internal Li-Ion battery delivering 4+ hours of use on a single charge.
  • The standard and XL coilers will deliver years of service with their heavy gauge and corrosion resistant Stainless Steel construction.
  • Push Cables incorporate durable Hytrel jackets and advanced fiberglass rods designed for longer pushes and extended life.
  • Optional adapters are available for the MPlus+ to work with truck-mounted and portable mainline systems and asset management software.


  • Wireless digital video for operation with a mainline truck or any other remote location with receiver.
  • Locator/Receiver for accurate camera location in metallic and non-metallic pipelines.
  • Mainline interface cable for operation with a CUES multi-conductor TV truck.
  • A large array of skids and skates.
  • Quadrature footage interface for external asset management software.
  • Line tracing post for use with optional line transmitters.


The CUES TruVue Video Transmission System enables the Jet Truck operator to remotely view real time video generated from the CCTV Inspection System, avoiding the potential for unintended collisions between the jet nozzle and the CCTV inspection camera. The CUES TruVue works with all manufacturers' video inspection systems, requiring an available video output and AC power.

Features & Benefits

  • Jet Truck monitors pipe conditions in real time view identical to the CCTV Inspection operator's view. Keep your camera safe from a possible collision with the nozzle.
  • CCTV Truck can remain at one entry point while the Jet Truck can move from manhole to manhole, decreasing set up time and enabling the inspection of multiple cleaned pipe sections from one access point.
  • Easy to Use-set up within a few minutes.
  • Use for any operation where remote video monitoring is beneficial, including point repair and other rehabilitation processes.

Optional Equipment

  • High resolution 8.4" LCD monitor mounted in weather proof case with protective sun shade.
  • Built in Lithium Iron Phosphate battery provides minimum 12 hours battery power.
  • Built in diagnostics to include display for voltage, amperage, charge/discharge indicator, percentage of charge, and bar graph displaying remaining charge.
  • Supplied with mounting tripod, and battery charger.

Contact Travis Vallejo at 801-558-1296 or for a free demo today.