Legacy Equipment Co. has promoted a family-friendly workplace for over 70 years.

Our employees are professional, dedicated, and are proud to work in an environment of mutual respect and cooperation. As a company, we encourage career development, and treat every employee with integrity and respect. At Legacy we offer:

  • Competitive, performance-based pay structure and group benefits.
  • A challenging setting that supports diversity and professional development.
  • A healthy and safe work environment.

To encourage diversity, equality, and maintain a workplace that is free from discrimination and harassment, we are an equal opportunity employer, and we encourage job applicants of all backgrounds and physical abilities to apply. Specifically, we look for applicants who:

  • Are goal-oriented, reliable, hardworking, and confident.
  • Are comfortable working in a team environment.
  • Think independently and communicate effectively.
  • Support our values of mutual respect and compassion.

Contact us to inquire about necessary qualifications or to submit your resume:

Phone (801) 975-0400
Email: info [at] legacyeq.com